Our Motivation

You may be wondering, why would two young people choose to leave their friends, family, and many great opportunities that are available in our free nation of The United States of America? So why do we want to be missionaries to the foreign field?

We know that we are not promised today or tomorrow or how long we will live. We are convinced of God and His Word and what it says within the Bible. With that being said, we know that there is a life after death and instead of being wholly devoted to this life here on earth, we choose to dedicate our lives for our eternal life with God. We see this as far more important than living the “American Dream” or keeping our comforts that we have here in America. For example, Seth hates camping, speaking in public, bugs, paper work, along with other things and yet is far more persuaded of Gods purpose over the American Dream. Nicole does not like bugs either, extreme humidity, unfamiliar places, living without modern conveniences. But the burden of reaching people with the Gospel who otherwise would not have the opportunity of hearing is far greater than being able to live a nice and comfortable life.

This is our motivation: God over ourselves. We want to live for our epitaphs. We want God to give us a title than any man could put on our tombstone. To be a good husband or wife or parent is a great and noble thing but still fails in comparison to serving our Lord.

What is Salvation?

Do you want to know the Lord Jesus Christ? Do you want to know more about salvation? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, please click on the picture below and spend just a few moments watching this video. It just may change your life.


Special thanks to our home and sending church, Harvest Baptist Church!

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