Join Our Team

We are looking for people who would be willing to be involved in our ministry in various ways:

Through Prayer:

  • Our Spiritual Walk-May we never lose sight of the goal.
  • Our Marriage-May we grow together in the Lord and be an example to those we minister to.
  • Our Health-May the Lord grant us the physical strength and safety.
  • Our Training-May the Lord grant us the ability to effectively adapt to the language and culture.
  • Our Wisdom & Direction-May the Lord provide resources to begin and sustain the works.
  • Our People Group-May the Lord prepare the hearts of the indigenous people to receive the gospel.

Follow our latest blogs for current and specific prayer requests.

Through Encouragement:

Much like when Paul was beginning his ministry, God provided Barnabas for him. We are looking for faithful men and women who would take it upon themselves to purposefully keep in touch with us and intentionally encourage us. One of the main causes of missionaries to come off the field is due to discouragement and lack of spiritual relationships. As we know that it says in Gods Word, “our battle is not against flesh and blood” and we do not want to fall prey to the lion that “walketh about”.

Through Finances:

This is the process to begin giving online:

Click the LINK or go to this web address and follow the steps, or scan the QR Code:

Click CLICK & GIVE in the middle of the screen

Sign up for an account on the page that opens.

Go to your email. Open the email that you are sent and follow the instructions in it.

Once you have entered the “Click & Give” site with your new login you can choose to make a donation.

Click on the second icon from the left (looks like a check with a pen on it).

Then select whether you wish to give using your credit card or through your bank account. (Please realize that if you use your credit card about 3% of the entire donation will be deducted each time you donate by your credit card company. However, if you set up the gift through your bank the transaction fee will be a flat $1 no matter the donation.)

You will need to fill in your information with either one you choose. You can set up recurring donations with bank account or credit card at this time.

If you have chosen the bank account route then you have 3 tabs that each need to be filled in. Remember that your routing number is on the far left and your account number is next to it on any check that you have.

In the second box labeled ”Giving Details” – select “Stokes, Seth” from the drop down box on the left (labeled select amount) If the memo field does not show, then click the pen/notepad icon.

Input the amount you would like to give.

If you would like to make this a recurring donation you will need to click on the box labeled “Setup Recurring Gift”.

Click Submit. Click terms and agreements and confirm one more time, then you are all done!

You will be taken to a page that gives you all the details of your gift. This is a printable page if you would like to print it to keep. This is not a “tax deductible” receipt. An email confirmation will also be sent to you automatically. You will receive a “tax deductible” receipt directly from CMC once the gift has been processed by them.

To give via mail follow this procedure, copy and paste the section that applies to you into a word document, print it out, and fill it out:



PO BOX 219228 



Please fill out this form with your first contribution only. You will receive a receipt along with a pre-addressed return envelope for any future gifts. Please tear off the bottom of that receipt and return with any future gift.

DONOR’S NAME______________________________________________________________

CITY________________________________________ STATE________ZIP_______________

NAME OF MISSIONARY_____SETH STOKES_____________________________________

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: _____________________________________________________

PLEASE READ: Contributions to CMC are qualified for Federal income tax deduction as allowed by law. All deductible contributions, whether designated or not, are under the control of CMC. We are committed to honor all designations, and if any designation is unacceptable, the donation will be returned. You must make your check payable to Central Missionary Clearinghouse (or simply CMC) to qualify for a tax deduction. Please do not write the name of your missionary on your check. It is illegal to claim a tax deduction for a gift made payable to an individual.



PO BOX 219228 



Please fill out this form with your first contribution for your missionary. When you are receipted for this gift, you will receive a duplicate receipt and pre-addressed return envelope to use with any future contribution. Please make your check payable to Central Missionary Clearinghouse (or CMC). Thank You.

CHURCH NAME___________________________________________________________________



PASTOR’S NAME__________________________________________________________________

NAME OF MISSIONARY____ SETH STOKES________________________________________

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS:__________________________________________________________

We hope that was clear, if you have any questions please email us at 

Other Ways to Give: 
Send to Our Home Church

Harvest Baptist Church*

224 Harvest Lane

Natrona Heights, PA 15065

*In the memo section address it to Seth or Nicole Stokes

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  1. John Seazholtz

    Nicole and Seth,We wil pray for you regularly. May God make your journey joyful. Please add my email to your blog addresses. It is

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