Welcome family and friends! Thank you for visiting our site. Accompany us, Seth and Nicole Stokes, as we embark on the journey of following God’s plan for our lives. We know that He has a lot in store for us and we look forward to having you partner with us along the way. This site will be where you can get our updates (specifically on Our Blog page) and see where we are on the journey that God has for us as we serve in Vanuatu. Check out the whole site! Stay in touch and contact us if you have any comments or questions. May the Lord bless this adventure!


12 thoughts on “Home

  1. Beth Smith

    Looking forward to seeing you both and catching up while you are in NJ…can’t wait to see you both!!

    • We are really looking forward to seeing you when in NJ too. We will be there on July 2 and stay for about 10 days. I will be looking for you at church πŸ™‚

  2. Sean Knefel

    Im rooting and praying for you guys. I was just bragging about your walk with the Lord to a stranger in a Home Depot. Keep me updated on your progress!! I love the testimonies.

  3. I just want you guys to know what an encouragement you are. We will be praying for you at Grace Bible Church.

  4. Tim Feehan

    May our gracious Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ encourage your hearts today!

  5. Lynette

    I just met you today and truly thank our Lord and Saviour! You are such an encouragement and I pray our Lord continues to bless you. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge HIM, and HE shall direct your paths”. Love and prayers, your sister-in-Christ! Lynette

  6. Marcie

    Hey guys, just checking in, letting you know we’ve been praying for you as you continue your fundraising adventures. I just read your latest newsletter–SO EXCITING!!! 7 weeks?? We are really excited to see and hear all that the Lord will be doing in and through your in PNG. Will you be stopping into Jersey for Christmas at all? Would love to give you both a hug before you go. Also–if you have any more of your mugs, we lost one to the ever-whirling ball of energy that is Calvin, so we would really like to have one if you still have some stashed. You both focus my heart on evangelism and the importance of being the hands and feet of Christ to those who need Him. Thank you for your faithfulness and steadfastness in your ministry. Love you!!!
    Marcie πŸ™‚

  7. Emily miller

    Hi Seth and Nicole!!!

    It’s Emily Miller, I just wanted to say hi and I miss you so much! I’m praying for you guys and I hope everything is as God has intended:) I would love to hear how it’s going! Please reply soon😊

  8. Praise the Lord for your “safe” return from the bush! So relieved to hear that Seth is back to “normal”!

  9. Louis Hall

    Dear Seth and Nicole…..CONGRATULATIONS on the next phase of your CALLING!!!!!
    Your lives of Obedience is Honorable;
    Your walk of Faith is Commendable;
    My thoughts and prayers are with you.
    May God’s continuous blessings of Peace, Rest, Stillness, Good Health and Love be with you.
    I love you both very much,

  10. John Devereaux

    Praying πŸ™ for you both. God’s healing πŸ™ on you now as every before

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