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So what about us…

Seth was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He and his family moved to Pittsburgh, PA to live with his grandparents, where he grew up. His sister and brother are both married with children and are missionaries on the foreign field. Seth went to college at the university of Pittsburgh and New Tribes Bible Institute and is currently taking classes through the WPTI (Western Pennsylvania Theological Institute). During this time was when he was “set up” with his wife Nicole.

Nicole was born in Quito, Ecuador while her parents were missionaries there. At age 5, her parents and younger brother moved to Bogota, Colombia to start a church plant. After 8 years, the Colombian church was finished and the Terranova’s moved back to Point Pleasant, New Jersey where Nicole started middle school at the public high school. Nicole went onto college at Geneva College in Beaver Falls, PA where she later got “set up” with her now husband, Seth Stokes.

More about us…

Seth and Nicole both acknowledged their need for a Savior at a young age, both around the age of five years old. Although Nicole was a Missionary Kid, she did not start to live out her faith until about the age of fifteen. She was very involved in a youth group and kept growing in the Lord through her college years, where she received her major in international business and a minor in missions. Seth grew up in the church, his grandfather was a pastor of a Baptist church in Pittsburgh PA, there Seth served into his teen age years. Much like Nicole, Seth was faithful to church but did not make his faith in God his own until the age of nineteen. During this time Seth started to attend another Church, through the fellowship, preaching of the Word, and personal study Seth left his enrollment at the university of Pittsburgh and began his biblical studies at New Tribes Bible Institute. He continued his Theological studies through his local church for over two years at the Western Pennsylvania Theological Institute. During this time, while Seth was attending the Institute and planning to go on with missions, he met Nicole while she was attending Geneva. They got married and spent six months at their local church to minister while growing in their marriage relationship. In January 2012, they attended the New Tribes Missionary Training Center in Missouri. They graduated in May 2013 with degrees in cross cultural studies.

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